Mindful Meander

Winter solstice sunset.jpg

(times & booking coming soon)

Arcane Landscape will guide and lead a daytime ‘mindful meander’.

We will contemplate the power of the turning points in the year around the seasons whilst we walk the sacred sites of the Sandlings.

During winter the powers of darkness and light, night and day are inverted with the mythical ‘night-sky world’ of the constellations and planets dominating. To all observers, the sun did not simply set in the evening, it actually went into something, into the land, into the water - the underworld.

We will meet in the car park at Blaxhall common, Suffolk between Snape and Tunstall and visit the barrow of the fallen warrior. Recorded as Roman, though according to archaeological experts more likely to be Anglo-Saxon : 30 mins.

We will then drive 2.2 miles to Snape and park at the car park opposite the church of St John the Baptist. There we will walk for 90 minutes passing the site of the Anglo Saxon ship burial, walk near Polsborough Gate, a lost feature in the landscape that might relate to a processional route that honoured celestial illumination. We will then pass near the location of the Friston figurine, believed to be associated with a pre-Viking cult of Odin or Woden.

We will then drive 6.5 miles to Eastbridge where will walk for 70 minutes to the site of what was the most physically isolated monastic house in East Anglia, chosen because it had been used for religious purposes in Anglo-Saxon times. The Premonstratensian Abbey at Leiston, built by Ralph de Glanville originally dedicated to St. Mary de Insula but possibly the Chapel of St Nicholas ? St Nicholas of Myra in Asia Minor was an early Christian bishop during the time of the Roman Empire, patron saint of sailors and merchants and often associated legendary secret gift-giving brought about the traditional model of St Nick, Sinterklaas and known to all as Santa Claus.

Participants will need their own transport. Whilst all of the walks are on public footpaths, the route is not wheelchair accessible.